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  • OVPR Statement of Support
    Gun violence is one of the gravest crises facing the United States, threatening the lives and physical and mental health of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Research is critical to decreasing gun violence and offering policy and solutions to mitigate this public health crisis. ARMS is working to save the lives of Connecticut children and […]
  • InCHIP Statement of Support
    Gun violence prevention is one of the most significant contemporary public health priorities. In addition to causing physical injury and death, research has demonstrated that gun violence has a substantial impact on mental health and social functioning. Addressing this public health epidemic is congruous with InCHIP’s mission, which focuses on facilitating interdisciplinary research to improve […]
  • Provost Office Statement of Support
    It is a sad reality that all aspects of our society are impacted by gun violence. We must find ways to end this public health crisis. We are proud to support UConn’s ARMS Center as they work to establish and disseminate the gun injury prevention evidence base and effect change in our own state and […]


In 2022, approximately 56% of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides.


Firearm related injury is now the leading cause of death among children and teens.


In 2022, the CDC reported that nearly 41,000 people were killed by guns.

Preventing Gun Violence in America: What Works and What is Possible

Cover of The ANNALS Special Issues, Preventing Gun Violence in America: What Works and What is Possible